Turkic World Music Special Library


The Turkic World Music Special Library, which was born out of the project to put the huge collection of books and periodicals, including the sound archive of the sound artist, antiquarian, musicologist and writer Ümit Yazıcı at the service of art and culture, has a special collection of about a hundred thousand books, periodicals, musical scores and newspapers, as well as a sound archive containing hundreds of thousands of works. Throughout the year, various events are regularly organized at the library, contributing to the dynamism of artistic and cultural life in İzmir.

In the Turkic World Music Special Library, there are sections such as Emrehan Küey Books Corner, Râkım Elkutlu Turkish Music Specialization Books Corner, Dr. Ayhan Sökmen Turkish Music Printed and Manuscripts Display Section and Ali Rıza Avni Tınaz Turkish Music Digital Recording Archive, which consists of musical scores and digital audio recordings.

Emrehan Küey Books Corner

Publications from various music-related fields such as history, literature, sociology, archeology and urban culture are presented here.

Râkım ELKUTLU Turkish Music Specialization Books Corner

Here you can find works on music theory, literature and culture, as well as rare materials on publications about music notation.

Dr. Ayhan Sökmen Turkish Music Printed and Manuscripts Display Section

Various handwritten notes, some rare periodical samples, musical fasil brochures, biographical notes, letters and greeting cards of musicians are presented to the visitors and researchers.

Ali Rıza Avni Tınaz Turkish Music Digital Recording Archive

There are recordings of works of various genres performed by Turkish musicians since the use of sound recording technology. This archive, where rare sound recordings that cannot be found in many other archives are made available digitally, has been presented to the interest of researchers in this field.

The Digital Recording Archive contains hundreds of thousands of works performed by many vocal and instrumental artists, from gramophone recordings to today’s recordings, belonging to different phases of Turkish music from the classical period to modern times, and sheds light on the history of Turkish music recording, and will especially attract the artists and researchers who study sound recording performance.



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