BKM Mutfak Atölye

BKM Mutfak Atölye, founded under the general art directorship of the famous artist Yılmaz Erdoğan, is an art school that combines the traditional master-apprentice relationship in the field of theater with a modern academic curriculum. The overall goal of the workshop is to help students become well-trained and well-equipped artists capable of forging their own creative path.

Comprehensive educational models that aim to develop strong connections between the physical, intellectual and emotional selves of students in programs will also equip them with the tools to succeed in the changing landscape of the 21st century. In this way, BKM Mutfak Atölye prepares students for the demands of an eventual professional acting and writing career and encourages them to reach their full potential in areas such as self-expression, empathy, connection with the world, and artistic awareness.

The workshop programs, created through the collaboration of industry components, artists and consulting professors, were built in stages. After the first stage, which can be described as “unleashing the imagination”, the focus is on the technical development of the students, and at the end of the year exhibitions are organized, where they finally have the opportunity to “experience” professionalism through the presentation of their achievements. Each of the carefully designed lessons is tailored to the individual needs of the students and is enriched by a variety of performance experiences from instructors who are experts in their field.

Located in the İzmir Culture and Arts Factory, BKM Mutfak Atölye offers programs for participants of all ages who wish to develop their social and professional skills, discover new passions or specialize in their field. Take a seat at BKM Mutfak Atölye, which offers a rich program of children’s workshops using creative theater, drama, writing and internationally recognized pedagogical approaches.

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