The İzmir Culture and Arts Factory’s Sustainability Journey


Being one of the few structures of Türkiye awarded with the Biosphere Sustainable Museum Certificate, the İzmir Culture and Arts Factory adheres to the principles of sustainability in every aspect, including its restoration techniques and infrastructure systems, as well as the structure that supports local cultural life, the cultural heritage, ancient resources and knowledge the center preserves for future generations, and the new green living space the center provides for the people of İzmir.

During the careful restoration process, parts of the buildings, which had been destroyed over time, were reconstructed with natural and local materials conforming to the original materials and building techniques. The historical buildings are thus brought to the present and future while preserving its original structure. In addition, taking all the necessary steps for sustainable architecture, systems for water quality, waste management, sustainable infrastructure and energy efficiency were put into practice. Thus, all the buildings that used to operate as production facilities in the past were re-functionalized and transformed into libraries, museums, workshop spaces, exhibition and activity areas and the campus gained the identity of a culture and arts center, offering a brand-new social space to İzmir.

İzmir Culture and Art Factory, which provides a large social space for the people of İzmir, offers a large green area. Aiming to minimize the damage to the environment using natural restoration materials, conservation of resources and efficient waste management systems, İzmir Culture and Art Factory has been restored with durable and sustainable materials, as well as giving an old structure a new function.

İzmir Culture and Arts Factory, which offers a brand-new green area that will give the people of İzmir a breath of fresh air with its 9,200 square meters of indoor landscape area, is also organized to host outdoor activities. With resting and walking areas, the Art Street and cafes in the center, visitors meet with new experiences enriched with nature, culture, and art. The museums and libraries in the center enable the preservation of ancient cultural heritage, resources, and information and their transfer to future generations.

Through the social, cultural, and artistic events organized throughout the year, the İzmir Culture and Arts Factory also contributes to the formation of a new life culture in İzmir.



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