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Alsancak Tekel Factory Is Transformed
into a Brand-New Culture and Arts Center.
İzmir Culture and Arts Factory, the New Address for Art,
Culture and Life in İzmir, Is Waiting for You.
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The Largest Atatürk Special Library in the Aegean
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A Journey through History, Culture and Art
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A New Meeting Point with Many Events
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From Workshops to the Open-Air Cinema
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The Alsancak Tekel Factory, whose history dates back to the end of the 19th century, has been revived after restoration, renovation and reconstruction work as the İzmir Culture and Arts Factory, the new address for culture, art and life in İzmir.


From a Historic Production Facility
To a Contemporary Center of Culture and Arts

After the restoration, renovation and reconstruction works carefully carried out by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Türkiye, the historic Alsancak Tekel Factory was transformed into the most important culture and art center of İzmir.

Founded in the late 19th century, Alsancak Tekel Factory has been an integral part of the city’s industrial heritage with a history of about 140 years. The factory has been transformed into a cultural and art center, offering a wide range of facilities for users of all ages, including museums that shed light on the history and artistic memory of the city and the region, libraries that open the doors to knowledge with a rich collection of resources, cultural and art workshops, and an extensive landscaped area suitable for outdoor activities.

The İzmir Culture and Arts Factory, which will be a meeting place for visitors of all ages, from children to young people, from students to academics, has been conceived as a place of the new generation that will shape the cultural and artistic life of the city.

Historical Industrial Buildings

With the restoration, renovation, and reconstruction works in the center, which was built on an area of about 17,000 m², twelve historical industrial buildings were brought back to life.


The İzmir Culture and Arts Factory, which will be the new meeting point of İzmir, has been equipped with exhibitions, workshops and various activity areas that can appeal to different age groups and interests and host different and innovative activities.

Functional Green Space

The complex, which with its 9,200 m² of landscaped area gives a breath of fresh air to the city and has a versatile functional dynamic, has been transformed into a point of attraction that also hosts all kinds of outdoor activities such as workshops, cinema and concerts.

Social Areas

Various exhibitions are held in the Art Street (Sanat Sokağı) to connect citizens with art. In addition, dining and recreation areas have been created in the complex to interact with the activity areas, cafes and rest areas, forming a new recreational space where history, culture, art and landscape are interwoven.


Museums and Libraries

Museum İCAF – Archaeology and Ethnography Museum

Museum İCAF – The Archaeology and Ethnography Museum, located in the center of the İzmir Culture and Arts Factory, offers a new generation museum experience with its thematic exhibitions for those who wish to explore the city’s centuries-old history. Archaeological artifacts are displayed on the ground and second floors of the 7,240-square-meter, two-story building, which bears the marks of the time when it was used as a factory, while preserving its historical and urban identity.

İzmir Painting and Sculpture Museum

Opened in 1952 and moved to the complex of the İzmir Culture and Arts Factory in April 2023, the İzmir Painting and Sculpture Museum has a remarkable collection of works from the Tanzimat period to the present. With its collection of leading artists of painting, sculpture and ceramics, the museum invites its visitors to a pleasant journey through the history of art.


The Alsancak Public Library, Atatürk Special Library and Turkic World Music Special Library on complex have special collections for users of all ages, from children ages 3-6 and 7-14 to students, adults and researchers. The libraries also organize entertaining and high-quality events for different age groups, which include about 50,000 books, various non-book materials and exclusive board games.


Reclaiming for the Future

The structures of Alsancak Tekel Cigarette Factory (Alsancak Tekel Sigara Fabrikası), an industrial heritage of İzmir reflecting the historical process of the Ottoman and Republican industrial revolutions and the culture of the time, were restored while maintaining their features and the site, which was a center of tobacco production in the past, was made functional again. The historic building was transformed into a cultural and art center, and a multifaceted and holistic contribution was made to the continuation of economic development locally and internationally, as well as ensuring and maintaining the connection with the city’s former identity and social participation.

The İzmir Culture and Arts Factory is compatible with the principles of sustainability in all respects, from its restoration techniques to its infrastructure systems to its structure, which supports local cultural life, the economy of the country and the city, the cultural heritage it passes on to future generations, the ancient resources and the new green living space it provides for the people of İzmir.

Transfer of Cultural Heritage to the Future

With the museums and libraries it houses, the İzmir Culture and Arts Factory contributes to the preservation of cultural heritage, its reintroduction into the city, its effective promotion and its transfer to future generations by restoring once-idle structures, taking into account their symbolic and monumental characteristics, and converting them for various purposes.

Authentic On-Site Restoration

During the carefully conducted restoration, the parts of the buildings on the complex that had been destroyed over time were restored using materials and special techniques that correspond to the original material. Static reinforcements were made in the necessary places or the sections were rebuilt, the unqualified additions made later were removed, the original structures and the contemporary additions were preserved and re-functionalized and brought into the present and future.

A Green Space Breathing Fresh Air into the City

Users and visitors of the İzmir Culture and Arts Factory, which provides İzmir residents with a brand-new green space with a 9,200-square-meter open recreation and landscape area designed for outdoor activities such as cinemas and concerts, meet with new experiences in a new environment enriched by nature, culture and art.


Cultural and Social Areas

Art Street (Sanat Sokağı)

Between the two museums in the center, the Art Street has been created where visitors can enjoy strolling and interacting with the works of art of different currents.

İzmir State Turkic World Dance and Music Ensemble

The ensemble, whose aim is to keep alive the music and dance culture of Turks and introduce it to the world, will attract art lovers with educational concerts for children, museum concerts, dance shows and concerts.

Art Workshops

The workshops combine different artistic disciplines, from plastic to fine arts, and organize high quality thematic works for children and young people, where they can acquire new skills and hobbies.

Food and Beverage Areas

The complex has indoor and outdoor cafes, cafeterias and dining and beverage areas where visitors can spend their time.

The İzmir Culture and Arts Factory Hosts Cultural and Artistic Events Every Week

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