The İzmir Culture and Arts Factory houses two important museums that shed light on the deep-rooted history of the city and the region and present outstanding examples of painting, sculpture and ceramic art from the 19th century to the present day.

Museum İCAF – The Archaeology and Ethnography Museum and the İzmir Painting and Sculpture Museum, located in the largest building on campus, invite visitors on a pleasant journey through history, culture and art with their rich collections, interesting thematic arrangements and exhibition techniques.

Museum İCAF – Archaeology and Ethnography Museum

The largest building, which is the identity of İzmir Culture and Arts Factory and served as the production center in the center of the historical Alsancak Tekel Factory, was transformed into Museum ICAF – the Archaeology and Ethnography Museum after careful restoration and renovation works carried out in accordance with the original.

İzmir Painting and Sculpture Museum

The İzmir Painting and Sculpture Museum, opened on September 9, 1952 by Bruno Taut as the first gallery in the building of the Ministry of Education in today’s Kültür Park, hosted its visitors in its building in Konak from 1973 to 2022.