Global Voices: Sharing stories and traditions from around the world

11 Apr, 2023

Storytelling has been a tradition in many cultures since the dawn of human civilization. Stories have been passed down from generation to generation to teach valuable lessons, preserve cultural heritage, and entertain people. In modern times, stories have become accessible through a variety of media such as books, movies, and podcasts. This has made stories from different cultures accessible to a global audience. As a result, we have gained different perspectives, and traditions have become more important.

Even as we express storytelling in these ways, traditional music and dance continue to tell many stories as an important component of many cultures. These art forms reflect the unique rhythms and melodies of a particular culture. They are also an attempt to understand the traditions, beliefs and values that shape them. The stories that traditional music and dance tell meet their fans at the İzmir Culture and Arts Factory. Stories are waiting to be discovered by art lovers in the complex that houses the İzmir State Turkic World Dance and Music Ensemble!