Art Workshops

The İzmir Culture and Arts Factory, which aims to bring visitors of all ages together with culture and art, also hosts art workshops that bring prominent artists together with art lovers through exhibitions, events and workshops, and is located next to the İzmir Painting and Sculpture Museum on campus.

In the art workshops where Turgut Pura Foundation, tile artist Almula İdil Kılıç, painter Nehir Öven Karaböcek, Original Print Painting Group, contemporary painter Zehra Çiçek, the Association for the Promotion of Painting and Sculpture Museums and Art and the famous sculptor Cem Sağbil continue their works, the art lovers have the opportunity to get to know the artists better and they can also get to know the technical, stylistic and original works of the artists.

Bringing together various artistic disciplines from fine arts to traditional crafts with art lovers, the art workshops organize high-quality thematic works for children, young people and adults, where they can acquire new skills and hobbies.